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For Our Darling Diluvian

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7/14/10 10:27 pm - morgandawn - so she doesn't vanish into obscurity

LJ purging inactive communities

6/26/08 04:35 pm - diluvian - Final Details on Tomorrow's Scattering

Attached are scans of the two sheets I mentioned in my previous post.

Thank you.

Some additionaal items:

Please be at the dock/gate location no later than 12:40PM.  The boat will leave promptly and those who are late will be left behind.
Please do not wear high heels.
The actual scattering will be about 12-15 minutes and everyone is welcome to say something, but just keep in mind the above limit.

 If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thank you.





6/20/08 05:00 pm - diluvian - More Details On Jen's Scattering

Thank you plantgirlfor getting the intial information out there for Jen's scattering next Friday!

I will be scanning and posting to this group (as well as diluvian's page) tonight the information sheets I got from the Neptune Society, but here are some important details until then:

The  boat we will be going on is called the "Naiad" and will be leaving from Pier 39, Gate J in SF.
All people attending need to be there at 12:30PM (30 minutes before the scheduled time) as all of us need board the yacht at the same time.

The sheets I scan will have other information (clothes, conditions, flower related issues, etc) and have a basic map of where the pier and related parking is.

At this time if I could get an idea of who all is planning to attend that would be great.  It will also help to coordinate any driving/parking issues that may arise so I can have time to help out in this area if needed.

I will be posting more soon.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Friday.

Thank you.


3/18/08 07:50 pm - diluvian - For Jennifer

On June 27 2008 (a Friday) at 1:00PM there will be an ash scattering ceremony in memory of Jennifer.  It will be done inside the Golden Gate Bridge near the Marin side.

I know there were some people that could not make it to Jennifer's funeral because of schedules, money or both.  I want to make sure that everyone who want to come to this can; therefore I have worked with 

fashes to set up a travel and lodging fund for those who want to come, but don't have the money.  (I know there are some that live quite a bit away, this applies to you as well.)

There are absolutely no strings or anything else attached.  I want those who were close to Jennifer to be able to come to this ceremony, if that is their wish.

While I'm sure Jennifer could have said this better, I'll put it this way: if the only thing keeping you from coming is money, done let it.  Life is to damn short.



2/12/08 01:02 pm - jencat004 - Okay, I'm a f**k up...

I'm SO sorry, but I COMPLETELY zoned on the DVDs I was supposed to distribute. I'm REALLY sorry for the delay, but if my mind was working, I'd be working. (Sorry, I know that's not a great excuse.)

So, Robert decided the below: (Shipping charges are by the names, green is Priority Mail, Red is Media mail)

**There appears to be only a few titles that multiple people want, so here is what I have so far that is not on two or more people's wish list:

Supernatural - rhiannonhero  
Dead Zone - kendermouse 
$8.95 for Priority Mail, $3.15 for Media Mail
Angel Season 3 - azureavian(do you also want season 2?)  $7.50 for Priority Mail, $2.50 for Media Mail (I don't have Season 2 here)
Angel Season 5 - morgandawn(I know there is a double claim on this one, but since azureavian requested 3 as well, I thought this would be fair.) $7.50 for Priority Mail, $2.50 for Media Mail
X-Files - fashes 
Buffy - plantgirl(I may keep the season where Willow goes "dark".)
$8.95 for Priority Mail, $4.17 for Media mail

The only one that has a double claim on it is Bones. With this exception, is everyone okay with the above breakouts? If so, please let me know where to send these items to (or if you want to come by sometime and pick them up if you are local).**

As soon as Robert decides who gets Season 1 of "Bones" I will get mailing costs for rhiannonhero and fashes.

Insurance is optional and extra if you want it. Costs are below:

1-$50- $1.65
50.01- $100 - $2.05
100.01- $150- $2.45
$150.01-$200 - $3.50
200.01-$250 - $4.60

I will be at Escapade in 3 weeks, so if anyone wants to pick them up there, let me know, or if you live in the Bay Area (I live in Hayward) you can pick them up at my house.

Please email me at JenCat004@aol.com if you want my address to mail me a check, or you can use that addy at PayPal to send mailing funds. If so, PLEASE put in the notes section:

You LJ name listed above
Which DVDs you are getting
What method shipping you are getting (Priority or Media Mail)
If you want insurance, and how much

If using PayPal, please include an extra dollar to help cover fees. Sorry, but I'm on disability, and after I pay my rent, I have about $300 a month to pay all other bills and feed myself and my cats, so every dollar counts. Otherwise, I'd just ship 'em out at my cost.

Also, no one asked for:

Angel Season 1
Smallville Seasons 1, 2 and 3

If you want these, leave a comment, and I'll let Robert decide who gets 'em. It will add to the shipping cost, however. If no one wants them, Robert, I can try and sell them at Escapade and send you the money, or donate it where you see fit. rhiannonhero said she had a friend in the peace corps she could send anything that wasn't dibbed, so there's that option too.

I think that's it. Again, I'm REALLY sorry about the delay, but I'm just so scrambled these days. Hopefully Medical will approve my neuro care, and I can get back to being Ms. Multi-task-remembers-stuff again! :)

 Orig post is at : http://community.livejournal.com/darlingdiluvian/7298.html  if anyone needs to see it.

10/31/07 07:29 pm - fashes - In Remembrance of diluvian at BASCon

bascon is this weekend.

I'm trying to organize a *thing* for those who want to come together and remember diluvian. Her husband, Robert, will be in attendance on Saturday from 6:00-8:00. After the days panels and before the vid show. mistressace will also be with us.

I'm leaning towards a Room Gathering so that we can have privacy to express ourselves, but con-goers will need to eat.

Maybe just an open door? Anybody with ideas please comment here.

10/14/07 06:27 pm - jencat004 - Robert asked me to help with this

Ace and I are starting to help Robert go through some of Jen's things, and last night we went through her DVDs. Below is a list of DVDs Robert wanted to go to her friends. Please reply if you would like any of them. Hopefully people will be coming to BasCon, and can pick them up there, otherwise we can make shipping arrangements. (We didn't really discuss this, but I assume a "I will pack and ship as long as you cover shipping costs" would work best, but I will let Robert have the final say.)

If multiple people want the same DVDs, I guess I'll do a drawing, but again, Robert has the final say if there are multiple requests for the same DVD sets. 

Bones- Season 1

Supernatural- Season 1

Dead Zone- Season 1, 2 and 3

Smallville- Season 1, 2 and 3

X-Files- Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Buffy- Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Angel- Seasons 1, 3, and 5

Season 1-3 of Due South and Slings and Arrows will be made into a gift basket with other Canadian-ish goodies and donated to the charity raffle at BasCon, so ifya want those, don't forget to buy tickets!

This will NOT be a "first come, first dibbed" situation, I'll give everyone a few days to reply and then take it form there.

I miss Jen. :(

10/11/07 07:01 am - kp_mushu - Saw a bead shop

I'm all the way in Queenstown, NZ, and was walking down the main part of town when I came across a cute little bead shop. I immediately thought of popping in and getting some beads for Jen.

I think that's what it's like when we lose someone dear, that we see little reminders everywhere of why we loved them. And that's OK with me, because it keeps that person's memory alive.

10/8/07 08:29 pm - diluvian - Remembering Jennifer-Ash Scattering Ceremony Next Year

In an effort to get my mind out of the dark place it is in and set a task for myself in Jen's memory, I am posting tentative information about the ash scattering ceremony next year.

At this time I am planning to have the ceremony on June 27, 2008 which is the closet date I could get to our wedding anniversary and to a weekend date (for those who may have to travel). I am also going to setup a fund for those who would like to come out but won't be able to afford it. That way, all of her friends can be present if they wish. This would include any travel and lodging costs (and even unpaid vacation type days for those missing work). The only limit would be the max the sea craft allows, 50.

I will have more details over the coming weeks and months, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew far in advance. I want to make sure that all of her friends that want to come, can come.


10/5/07 04:19 pm - plantgirl - cause of death

Robert just talked to the medical examiner. Jen's death was ruled accidental. There doesn't appear to have been an overdose. She was just on enough medications that some of them probably didn't play nicely with each other.

I'm sure Robert will post more later, either here, or in diluvian.
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